Jinjiang Neikeng Town Win the Title of “Chinese Shoes City, Slippers Town”

Jinjiang Neikeng Town Win the Title of “Chinese Shoes City, Slippers Town”

     Not long ago, the Chinese leather association announced to the public that the “Chinese shoes city, slippers town” characteristic area title belongs to Jinjiang Neikeng Town ,  which undoubtedly inspires  Jinjiang slippers industry a lot in the heart.  “It is an honor and a responsibility for those who have worked hard for decades to finally be recognized. “Small slippers big world, Jinjiang slippers industry will take this opportunity to optimize the industrial structure, increase investment in science and technology, and promote Jinjiang slippers industry to further expand and upgrade.” This is the unanimous voice of the industry.

     What charm does Jinjiang Neikeng Town have to achieve this honor ? And how will Jinjiang slippers industry make “old tree(traditional manufacturing industry)” open “new flower(a new upgrade)“? And how will “China’s shoe slippers town -Neikeng” evaluation group related personnel and Jinjiang slippers industry insiders view Jinjiang slippers industry?

What charm does Jinjiang Neikeng Town have to achieve this honor ?

      “China’s Shoes city and Slippers town” characteristic regional title, this is Jinjiang after “China’s shoes city”, “China’s leisure clothing town”, “China’s zipper city”, “China’s swimsuit industry city”, another “national brand” honor.

       According to the evaluation team, “obvious cluster effect, complete industrial chain” is a key factor for Jinjiang to win the top.

       Jinjiang city is the forefront of Fujian province to build the economic zone on the west coast of the Strait. It is the county and city with the strongest comprehensive strength in Fujian Province, and also one of the most economically developed counties and cities in China. It has gathered a group of typical industrial clusters with the private economy as the main body, such as shoe weaving, textile and clothing, building ceramics, food and beverage, umbrella and toys. The relevant person in charge of Neikeng town introduced that in the past 40 years of reform and opening up, Neikeng has formed a development pattern of “east shoes and west porcelain”, and slippers have become a traditional pillar industry. Since 1980, inner Neikeng Town slippers have gone through an extraordinary road from obscurity to global fame, and gradually formed a large-scale industrial cluster. “The name of ‘China’s Shoe Capital · Slippers Famous Town’ is to pay attention to a footwear segment and promote the better development of this segment”.

      “In the 70 s and 80 s of the slippers in the Neikeng Town is mainly sale in domestic market, to accelerate the development of private enterprises in the 90 s, more and more enterprises to take part in Canton fair, the Neikeng Town slippers began its order through foreign trade company, to the later enterprise its own open archives mouths all over the world, this really brought within the Neikeng Town slippers to all over the world.” In the Neikeng Town of the old generation of slippers manufacturers Mr. Zhang recalled, also at that time, in the Neikeng Town slippers industry scale to further expand, the number of enterprises increasing, a prosperous scene, formed in the Neikeng Town slippers foreign trade mainly, supplemented by domestic sales of a major feature.

       After 40 years of development, the Neikeng Town slippers gradually walked out of the cottage industry mode of production, to jointly with the specification, from the design, development, mold production, raw material supply to production, packaging, marketing, business, logistics and so on each link the complete industry chain, complete professional division of labor is clear, cooperative ability is outstanding, scale expands unceasingly.

      It is reported that there are more than 590 registered slippers enterprises in Jinjiang, with an annual output of more than 700 million pairs and a total output value of over 10 billion yuan. Among them, the output value of more than 100 million yuan enterprises, 22 enterprises, the output value of more than 5 billion yuan in 2017, products are exported to the United States, Vietnam, the Philippines, India, South Africa, Western Europe, the Middle East and other regions, is an important national slippers production base.

      “The recognition of Jinjiang Neikeng slippers town is not only the recognition of the development of the slippers industry in the past decades, but also a new starting point for industrial development. On the basis of the famous slippers town, deep cultivation and careful work, strict standards and high requirements, the inner Neikeng Town slippers industry can certainly walk out of a famous products and famous enterprises and towns of industrial cluster road.” “Said Wang Wenqi, president of The China Leather and Shoe Industry Research Institute (Jinjiang) Co., LTD.

How will Jinjiang slippers industry make “old tree” open “new flower”?

     The honor of “The City of Shoes and the famous town of slippers in China” does give the slippers industry enterprises a confidence, but also make them realize the necessity and urgency of transformation and upgrading. Undeniable, Jinjiang Neikeng Town slipper industry is also facing with other domestic slipper production areas such as homogenized competition, price war, mold accumulation, labor system chaos and other similar problems, that Jinjiang Neikeng Town slipper industry how to “old tree” open “new flower”?

     Dr. Qin Ge, a partner of the private think tank who visited the inner Neikeng Town slippers enterprise, told reporters that compared with Brazil and other powerful slippers, the inner Neikeng Town slippers industry has a large space for development. “The inner Neikeng Town slippers enterprises are small and scattered, lack of regional leading enterprises, and the industrial agglomeration effect is not fully highlighted. In addition, there is still a lot of room for improvement in brand operation, design thinking and management.”

      Many slipper enterprises themselves are also seeking a new development model. For  example,some shoes enterprises insists on r&d and innovation in raw materials, improves technology and constantly changes the performance of PVC raw materials, which greatly reduces the cost of the enterprise. The comfort, protection and softness of slippers produced by its raw materials are recognized by the market.  some shoes enterprises are to seize the high-end market and technology, focusing on high-end outdoor slippers, bold product innovation, technology improvement and equipment update, out of a distinctive development road; On the other hand, some shoes enterprises has focused on controlling the sales link and the benign operation of funds. It insists on cash transactions, achieves “buy low and sell low”, buys raw materials at a low price, sells finished shoes at a lower price than the market, and occupies the price advantage in the case of profit and carries out healthy competition.

      Neikeng slippers enterprises also realize that enterprises “go it alone”, “one person walk the world”, only a few enterprises break through the industry can not bring major changes. How to break through? Therefore, Jinjiang government and enterprise interaction, enterprise group development, to walk out of the new situation of the industry.

      In order to better develop the slippers industry, Neikeng Town also put forward the comprehensive implementation of the “six first” project, namely to build an industrial park, to build a professional market, to build an Internet platform, to build a group of scientific research bases, to build a group of leading enterprises, to build a group of famous products, And explore the implementation of “association + production base + professional market” development mode.

Evaluation group: Jinjiang slippers have market competitive advantage

        “The evaluation team believes that Neikeng Town in Jinjiang has highlighted its advantages in the slipper industry, with a complete industrial chain and a constantly optimized development environment. With the joint efforts of the government, industry associations and enterprises, Neikeng Town has developed into one of the largest slipper production bases in China.” This is the comprehensive evaluation of Jinjiang inner Neikeng Town given by the evaluation team through visits, investigations, investigations, meetings, discussions and other links.

       Reporter on the host unit assessment standards, Jinjiang slippers in the national advantages, as well as the development of Jinjiang slippers industry suggestions and other issues, the group leader of Fujian Province shoes industry association secretary General Li Jun interview.

   Jinjiang economic News: from which aspects does the evaluation group mainly assess Jinjiang slippers?

      Li Jun: Industrial cluster refers to the aggregation of numerous enterprises and related units with a certain feature in a certain area, with obvious scale effect, complete functions and complete services. We attach the most importance to the economic scale and overall development of the industry. The industrial chain structure of Jinjiang Inner Neikeng Town, the market share of products at home and abroad, the construction of public service platform and other dimensions are also within the scope of our assessment.

     Of course, an industry to sustainable development, its industry, enterprise innovation and development, quality brand, intelligent manufacturing, cluster manufacturing, service manufacturing, personnel training, industrial upgrading, industry-city integration and other aspects of the situation, we will also assess in the future a period of time can be expected. Now, Neikeng slippers industry has basically formed eight advantages, such as scale, products, regional transportation, mechanism, brand, market, environmental protection and innovation. It is believed that continuous deep and meticulous work can lead to an industrial cluster with famous products, famous enterprises and famous towns.

      Jinjiang Economic News: compared with other slipper producing areas in China, what characteristics and advantages does Jinjiang slipper have?

      Li Jun: The biggest characteristic of Jinjiang slippers is that the products are rich in design, variety and quality. Products can be Japan, Europe some countries consumers like, shows that Jinjiang slippers products have a certain advantage and competitiveness. Of course, this advantage is also the most should advocate at the moment. Enterprises should make good products, delicate products, high-end products, to change the inherent low-end impression of Chinese manufacturing.

      As early as 1998, Jinjiang was named as the “Shoe Capital of China”, which has a mature shoe-making technology and industry chain, which is the key point that China Leather Association takes a fancy to the future development of Jinjiang slipper industry, and this is also the advantage that other slipper producing areas do not have. At the same time, Minnan people love to fight and dare to win the spirit is deep in the bone marrow, is valuable, I believe that with the existence of this spirit, Jinjiang slippers industry can give us more surprises.

    Jinjiang Economic News: What suggestions does the evaluation team have for the future development of Jinjiang slipper industry?

        Li: the product is still the foundation of all things, inseparable from the research and development and product design, and hope to Jinjiang slippers industry can increase investment in product research and development, through the functional new materials, new technology and innovation, promote the intrinsic value of the product, strengthening the construction of the design team, the introduction or training professional design talent, the increased use of relevant design resources.

         Only green and sustainable development can bring new vitality to an industry. Jinjiang slipper industry needs to speed up the construction of the standardization system, strengthen the control of product quality, constantly improve the green manufacturing system, and create a green manufacturing industry chain. At the same time, Jinjiang can accelerate the planning of slippers industrial park, further accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, and actively promote the adjustment of industrial structure.

Post time: Aug-17-2021