Neikeng slippers start a breakout campaign

A pair of small slippers, move a big industry. Slippers are a traditional pillar industry in Jinjiang Nei Keng, and the development of the slipper industry has been promoted by foreign trade. However, this year, affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, enterprises have delayed the resumption of work and production, significantly reduced foreign trade orders, reduced production capacity, and labor shortage... These become the dilemma that slipper enterprise must face.

Jinjiang slippers enterprises under pressure is self-evident, but not without opportunities. Extremely, open a new channel of online live broadcast with goods sales, dig deep into the domestic market, and cultivate new growth drivers; Internally, continue to increase research and development efforts, cost control and efficiency.

Now, save your had some positive effect, but through the outbreak, also let us have to face up to the industry has a history of more than 40 years development, its itself is still a lack of strong anti-risk ability, the whole slippers industry system is still imperfect, seek a higher quality development needs of Jinjiang slippers the perseverance of the enterprise.

Double pressure

Indeed, the epidemic, to the impact of foreign trade enterprises, is universal. With foreign trade - based Jinjiang slippers industry is no exception.

The relevant person in charge of a companies declined to be named slippers, told reporters that the company will be as an important field of foreign trade market such as southeast Asia, the business has been affected, the company's overall business is about 20% lower than last year, "it should be said that as long as do the foreign trade, business orders are affected, the size of the affected area enterprise layout with the main foreign trade market, And the market competitiveness of their products, such as price, product quality and so on." The person in charge of the enterprise said.

For most of the slipper enterprises, order crisis is a difficult problem they must face; And the order is relatively ideal for the enterprise, the staff turnover rate can not be ignored.

Test water and electricity business channels

Under the dilemma, the pit slippers began to seek ways to break out of the encirclement in many aspects, and placed in the first place, is in the channel end of the force. Since this year, Jinjiang live broadcast with goods popular in all industries, more and more pit slippers enterprises also "test the water" online live broadcast with goods, choose "foreign trade to domestic sales", more business focus on the domestic, to seek more business opportunities.

In May, a special live broadcast of "Source Good Goods Made in Jinjiang" in the inner pit of a famous town of Chinese slippers was held. The inner pit slippers enterprises collectively appeared on the live broadcast platform, and the person in charge of the enterprise was disguised as a web celebrity anchor to carry goods for netizens. It is worth mentioning that 21 enterprise broadcast rooms are set up in the live broadcast base of Jinjiang Slipper Union, providing free use for enterprises, building software and hardware platforms for enterprises, and providing training courses for anchor workers of slipper enterprises.

For the layout of the e-commerce field, some people in the industry also pointed out that, after all, the livestreaming outlet is a short-term benefit, and how to make such a sustainable effect needs to be considered by enterprises.

Continuous R&D and innovation

China plastic Huang Weibing, director of the association branch of plastic shoes, points out that continuous innovation is inevitable, consumers now than in the past, more weight is given to the quality of our products and product function attributes, "product is the foundation of all things, inseparable from the research and development and product design, and hope to Jinjiang slippers industry to increase its investment in product research and development, through the functional new materials, new technology and innovation, Enhance the intrinsic value added of the product."

Continuous research and development innovation, promote product market competitiveness at the same time, control this efficiency has also become the consistent practice of many slipper enterprises.

Area linkage or slipper development next step

Through the epidemic, but also let us have to face up to Jinjiang slippers enterprises still lack of a strong ability to resist the risk of this problem. In this regard, people in the industry pointed out that it is a good direction for enterprises to develop together and increase regional linkage in producing areas.

In China plastic Huang Weibing, director of the association branch of plastic shoes, slippers in China is not a big competitive advantage in the international market, after all, Brazil, Russia and other countries have already put the slippers do very extreme, appear even the luxury brand plastic slippers, a pair of slippers can sell for thousands of dollars "crystal", "Chinese slippers is still in the mid-range level mostly, homogeneity competition, There is still a lot of room for growth, including brands, new material applications and so on."

Huang Weibing pointed out that after 40 years of development, the pit slippers gradually walked out of the cottage industry mode of production, to jointly with the specification, from the design, development, mold production, raw material supply to production, packaging, marketing, business, logistics and so on each link the complete industry chain, complete professional division of labor is clear, coordinated ability is outstanding, the scale expands unceasingly, But it is also facing the same problems as other slipper producing areas in China, such as homogenization competition, price war, mold hoarding, labor system chaos and so on. "It is a good direction for enterprises to develop together and increase regional linkage of producing areas."

"The establishment of Jinjiang Slipper Alliance, and through Jinjiang Slipper Alliance and different platforms to achieve strategic cooperation, to help enterprises to connect more resources, also in Jinjiang Shoe Expo, Canton Fair specially set up a slipper hall, many enterprises joined the exhibition, signed orders, the number of visitors and the amount of transactions have reached a record high. The reporter understands from jinjiang slippers alliance, in recent years, the pit slippers industry through cooperation with universities and colleges, scientific research institutions, technology, equipment, personnel, research and development aspects of breakthrough unceasingly, also invited jinjiang purchase, cast Shi Zhiku pulse slippers industry present situation, and build the land port of the space, college students pioneer park, "the school" and so on personnel training platform, Relies on the relevant universities to set up e-commerce talent incubation base, to help slippers enterprises to expand e-commerce marketing channels. With the efforts of all the slipper people, Neikeng has also won the honorary title of "Shoes Capital of China · Famous Slipper Town".

After the running-in over the past few years, the development model of the group has been affirmed by many slippers enterprises, "can obviously feel the development of the industry is more benign, the vicious competition between enterprises is reduced, through the cooperation between government and enterprises, enterprises and enterprises, docking to more effective resources to help the development of enterprises. Jinjiang neikeng is expanding the slipper industry through the development of the group, and constantly improve the popularity, reputation and loyalty of the slipper products."

From "unknown to the public" to "blockbuster", the industrial scale is expanding, the pit slipper in the future how to develop? Pit in town have the planning, want to play a role of jinjiang slippers alliance led by lead, and implementation of "six" slippers industry promotion project, by building an industrial park, is a professional market, a Internet platform, foster a batch of scientific research base, a batch of leading enterprises, a number of brand-name products, to speed up the whole chain, the whole process to upgrade, "Chinese famous town of the slippers" brand war ".

Post time: Jun-03-2021