Slipper Cleaning Tip 1

Slipper Cleaning Tip 1

The weather will soon become hot, especially in Guangdong that area, have put on short sleeves, open air conditioning. Many people will pull out their plastic slippers, but they are very dirty after several months, and the dirt is hard to wash off.

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A few people who do not pay attention to can clean slipper simply wear directly, but affect beautiful not only so, and may bring about infection on beriberi. Today I’d like to share with you a little trick to make it easier to clean your slippers.

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First we prepare a basin, add warm water to it, and then squeeze in a section of toothpaste. Then add the white vinegar and mix well. Squeeze in the dishwashing liquid. The slipper can then be dipped directly into the water for 10 minutes.

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Toothpaste contains whitening agent and abrasive agent, can effectively remove the dirt that is difficult to remove, white vinegar has the effect of sterilization, can kill the bacteria on slippers, prevent wearing slippers to athlete’s foot. The ability that wash clean essence goes smeary is very strong, use it to wash slipper so, can achieve clean effect likewise.

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Slippers in the process of immersion in the deeper layer of dirt will be soft, this time with a brush to brush the shoes again, you will find that the shoes become as new.

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Wait until the shoes are dirty again, and then use this method to clean the shoes, and you will never wear dirty slippers.

If you have dirty slippers in your house, try this simple and cheap method.


Post time: Aug-17-2021